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Out of Ice - book cover

The hard-backed, 180 page Out of Ice publication is being widely distributed at home and abroad by the new publishers Black Dog Press

The publication and film offer complementary readings across: correlations between landscape and memory; artistic processes and natural ones; interdisciplinary dialogue/collaboration through colleagues, key authors, anthropologists, scientists; all working at the boundaries between intervention and social engagement.

It features the visual work produced by Elizabeth Ogilvie, research in northwest Greenland and contributions from the following authors: Joan Naviyuk Kane, Inupiaq American poet, Alaska, US; Karo Thomson Fleischer/Ono Fleischer Renowned Greenlandic Inuit explorers/academic, Ilulissat, Greenland; Robert MacFarlane, prize-winning author/academic, Cambridge, UK; Professor Tim Ingold, anthropologist and author, Social Anthopology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; Dr Astrid Ogilvie, scientist, author, Senior Scientist, Stefansson Arctic Institute, Iceland; Dr Julie Decker, Director, Anchorage Museum, Alaska, US; Andrew Patrizio, author, Professor of Scottish Visual Culture, University of Edinburgh; Dr Jo Vergunst, social anthropologist, author, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; Professor Katharine Heron, MBE, Architect/Director, P3, London


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As an artist creating experiences rather than images and these exhibitions may last only two months, a record in the form of publication with images, film, sound work and textual accounts is integral and a crucial objective of all my major projects. Because of the scale and spatial and experiential nature of my work, these installations are dismantled after each exhibition but remain in people’s collective memory and continue in the future in documentary, published and in digital form.

Following the years of research in Northern Greenland, knowledge growing out of experimentation in the studio and the major output in Ambika P3 London and Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Out of Ice publication was the next essential step, providing a record of the project through others voices as well as my own, collectively forming a kind of choreographic practice, in ways that add meaningful value and visibility to the project as a whole.


Consequently, I was delighted when in 2016, London based Black Dog Publishing(BDP) approached me with the offer to publish the book about the Out of Ice project and its background. I worked with my long-term colleague, the brilliant designer, Edinburgh based Tim Bremner. And the 84 minute Out of Ice | Elizabeth Ogilvie film is newly completed with my colleague, the filmmaker Rob Page and is linked to the book.