Production team

John Robb, Technical Director

John Robb, technical director of Edinburgh International Festival, is a specialist in engineering environments and has worked closely with Ogilvie during the development of Out of Ice.  For 16 years he and his team have been in charge of collaborating with opera and theatre companies and visual arts events facilitating every technical aspect of their productions.

Peter Boott, Technical & Creative Manager, Hawthorns

Peter Boott is working with Ogilvie and Robb to provide technical expertise on Out of Ice.  He has a vast experience of providing lighting, AV and semi-permanent and permanent installation services for large-scale events, including sports, TV, theatre and live events and London 2012 Olympics.

Rob Page, filmmaker, editor, Schedule D

Schedule D is an arts-based independent film production company.  Page worked with Ogilvie on Bodies of Water at Dundee Contemporary Art and in 2012 accompanied her on a filming expedition to Ilulissat, Greenland.

Astrid Johnston and Tim Bremner, designers

Independent designers Johnston and Bremner are collaborating with Ogilvie on the Out of Ice publication, Out of Ice DVD and publicity materials.

Tom De Majo, sound artist and director

Sound artist and director of the independent games development studio Quartic Llama, De Majo is creating a digital/binary rendering of Ogilvie’s icemelt film and an accompanying sound work.

Sandy Annan, artist

Annan is an artist who has developed methods of working with ice and snow to create unique textures for transfer to plaster and bronze. The resultant sculptures depict the processes of snow and ice melt, and erosion. Annan has assisted Ogilvie in devising ways of handling large blocks of ice, using a combination of research, engineering and artistic skills.

Janette Scott Arts PR

Independent arts consultant managing the marketing communications for Out of Ice.

Alison Wright PR

Independent PR consultant managing the media campaign for Out of Ice.

Jake Bee, Rob St John and Katie Fowlie, artists

Artists Jake Bee, Rob St John and Katie Fowlie have special experience of introducing green projects to young children and are working with Ogilvie to devise and deliver the Out of Ice education programme.