Projects and Workshops

Out of Ice podcast

Artist Jacob Bee and environmental writer and sound artist Rob St. John have been working with teenagers in schools in Scotland, Northern Greenland and England on a podcast using sound to explore the role of water and ice in the natural world.

Working with small groups equipped with field recorders, Bee and St. John have encouraged listening, discussion and reflection on how sound informs us about the natural world, drawing together art, geography and the sciences. The teenagers became sonic ‘citizen scientists’ of their surroundings, documenting and teasing apart their relationships with the environment through sound. Podcast based recordings of ambient sound and discussions with the teenagers will be aired on London’s Resonance FM at 5pm on 7th February. The podcast is also available as free download and stream below.

After an introduction to Elizabeth Ogilvie’s work, and a workshop on the themes behind Out of Ice, the students led Jacob and Rob on a soundwalk.  Along the way the groups stopped to record their ideas about what sound tells them about the landscape, and the thoughts and feelings it inspires. The podcast, presented by Jacob and Rob, showcases the recordings made by students themselves.

Wind drawing and other workshops

Two workshops at Ambika P3 led by Katie Fowlie enable participants to harness the power of wind to create beautiful, ethereal drawings using curious apparatus.  They will explore the impermanent nature of the weather and the traces it leaves behind, encouraging close observation of the surrounding environment in a fun and interactive way.  Assisted by Jacob Bee & Rob St. John, the children will have the opportunity to create the wind too, using props and handmade apparatus – exploring different types of wind and the direct effects these fluctuating currents can have on their drawings.

The workshops take place on Saturday 18th January 12.30-1.30pm and 2.00-3.00pm. For children aged 5-10 years. Free but booking essential at